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The group is Five years old on the 24th Dec 2015 that long!

Time to celebrate, but we need to also reflect.

We have had over 600  posts over the last year- but this is down from the thousand we had in 2014, We have had more art and less manips. This means this year less material has been deleted by deviantart admins, which is positive.

Around 540 thousand page views (158 thousand of those in the last year) which is about the same number of views as in 2014, over 450 members (up by around 70 members in the last year), over 650 watching the group (up approx 110 in the year)  average page views per day being about the same as in 2014.

The group has grown, but not via deviant art users directly (as deviant art is seeing a drop in its user base). Instead our growth has been driven by the tumblr version of this linking to deviantart with an additional 90k views occurings - bringing our combined view total to 250k for the year!

The Tumblr copy of the favorites folder also now has 750 followers (, which is an increase of 350 followers from 2014. Further Room for growth exists as tumblr is currently a popular location for material. The twitter copy of the group has failed to gain followers.

Keep up the posts in 2016. We shall see what the future brings.
The group is Four years old on the 24th Dec 2014. Amazing isn't it? We have had over a  thousand posts over the last year. (On a bad month it has been around two per day, on many months it has been three per day), and favorites alone over over 2500 images still on deviantart (up around 500 on the year, given alot have been deleted by deviant art and artists).

over 380 thousand page views (160 thousand of those in the last year!), over 370 members (up by around 90 members in the last year), over 540 watching the group (up approx 140 in the year)  an average of 450 page views per day (up from 300 the year before). Also we have had a new logo this year.

The group has grown.

The Tumblr copy of the favorites folder also has now 400 followers on tumblr (, which is an doubling of followers from 2013.

The only negatives spotted so far, are the volume of posts was slightly down in 2014 compared to 2013 (about a 3% drop) , and the twitter copy of the group has... wait for it... 17 followers (is twitter dieing?).  We are also seeing some other hypnogroups on deviantart having a drop in activity.

Keep up the posts in 2015. We want more guys to be hypnotized!
The icon we used was from the yahoo hypnotized guys group. This turned 18 years old this month.

This Icon has an honored past and will remain no doubt on yahoo for more decades. Here we have a new fresh icon we are trialing. like it?

Over the guy in the icon... any resemblement to parts such as eyes, nose or ears to member selfies sent to a founder to modify into hypnomanips is purely coincidental. He is definately not a frankenstein creation... out of 7 members ok? ;-)
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The group to share art, photo manips and stories over men/guys/boys in trance.
any male hypnosis. men hypnotized, brainwashing etc related images are acceptable, either by other men, women or creatures.
Founded 5 Years ago
Dec 23, 2010


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458 Members
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Dudelover86 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016
Hey dudes check out this post "I'd say it's people who are less cynical and more trusting".  How would you make of it?
Dudelover86 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016
Let me make it clearer I should've said to type in that whole phrase, thats the name of the post topic.  It's the first part of the post that I found of interest to the group what motivated this college dude to write that topic(or essay is what it looks more like). And I found relavent  to me, with his friend especially, he almost sounded like ME! So others with those same  skwimmish feelings like mine I've described in past posts, do exist. I wonder where this guy's friend's came about from?  I figured out mine may have come from the pyschological abuse I recieved mixed with kid logic.
Dudelover86 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016
Dudes check this one out "kid freaks out after being hypnotized"by THE DGonzo54. You tell me if that isn't freaky! I think that kid may be set for life and swear off parttaking again!
cmd1095 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh a group dedicated to hypnotizing men

well I'm a guy and I love being hypnotized so if anyone wants to do something with that knowledge note me ;)
Dudelover86 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015
Hey guys  a vid on youtube I came across called "Comfest Hypnosis 2011" With some young dude who seems to have never been hypnotized before.  Uh... wait, I  was going write more why, but  you guys watch the vid first and then I'll go into discussion of what about it. 
Dudelover86 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016
Anybody watched it yet? Well my point? That kid is half freaking in the background could very well been my reaction at that same age to a random senerio like that, especially when that dude "switched off" whenever  tapped on his forehead.  That must've been their big bro. and that kid clearly detected a character change (I did)when the dude woke up and was like he was just given a dose of valium or nitro. LOL ..that Jakob  was looked kinda tripped too like "oh God help me", he found his talents wierding somebody out instead of fascinating them!  
Dudelover86 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015
Yea dude, there just may be something of that kind of senerio here, why not? The thought sounds stimulating. There's plenty of images to browse here. You're bound to find something dude.
MaskedSeeker Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015
Alright thank you.
MaskedSeeker Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015
Can anyone help me with something? I'm having trouble finding a certain piece where a guy went into a salon/barber shop place and got brainwashed using shampoo. Is this the right place for that? If anyone could help I'd be grateful.
Dudelover86 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015
Dudes remember me saying of my insecurities watching induction scenerios  stemming from my early youth, and I gave some idea through my deviant images? Oh by the way I neglected to mention the vids these dudes used, sorry, they're the "ultrahypnosis" vids .  Well I found in the vid to "transform you into a dog"  among the comments, one of the bloggers who tried to do it had to stop because their dog start cry every time they tried it. Now I found that a perfect example of what I would've reacted then too . I would love to know what their little dog's mind thought  to what it  saw that seemed to upset it so much everytime they saw they're master try the vid. Too bad it can speak to explain it's issues with watching an induction,and see how much it could relate to mine. After all pets have a 6th sense and are kind of like a child.
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